Good Comparison!!!   however there really is NO comparison!. 

  One of the most frequently asked questions that our customers ask, (not including the people who keep asking "When is Stepmasters coming out on DVD" every freaking day!) is "Is DVD really that much better than VHS?"

The answer to that is of course a resounding Yes!

First lets look at some of the features that DVD offers that VHS does not:
  • The vast majority of DVDs are in widescreen. Many are widescreen-only!
  • Ability to jump to any scene in the movie in less than a second. Even the fastest fast-forwarding mechanism cant do that.
  • Digital audio.
  • More than one audio track. You can jump from English to another language with the press of a button. Some DVDs also have commentary tracks where the actors and director will describe scenes in the movie as the scenes are playing.
  • Almost all DVDs are in widescreen.
  • Over 4 hours of video on a dual-layered, single-sided disc.
  • A small 5-inch disc that does not lose its signal strength over time.
  • Compact size (about 17 DVDs can fit in the space taken by one VHS tape)
  • Better picture resolution.

In fact, I want to focus on that last point.

One of the biggest benefits to DVD is definitely the video quality. This is because a standard VHS signal only has 320 dots per line but a DVD signal has 720 dots per line. This makes DVD horizontal resolution 2.25 times better than VHS.

In addition, standard video signals only produce about 400 lines vertically, from the top to the bottom of your TV. DVD and TVs that allow S-VHS signals product 550 lines vertically. This makes S-VHS resolution about 1.4 times better than VHS.

So, all put together, DVD gives you more than a 300% increase in picture quality.

Still dont believe me? Judge for yourself!

The images below are from Star Trek: First Contact. The top image is from the DVD version. The bottom image is from VHS. You can easily see how much clearer and sharper the DVD image is.


Star Trek: First Contact DVD Example

From DVD


Star Trek: First Contact VHS Example

From VHS

Consider, also, that the DVD screen shot above was taken using standard TV resolution. The clarity of the image would actually be about 1.4 times as clear through an S-Video connection.

So, when you add everything that DVD offers above and beyond what VHS offers, you should agree that DVD is the way to go if you watch movies!